The wellness area of Hotel Compagnoni.

Discover all the services of our wellness area.
The Finnish Sauna, the Turkish bath and the mist shower are free.

Finnish sauna

The heat of the sauna can reach 100°C, but the low humidity (around 20-30%) makes the experience relaxing and stimulating. The Finnish Sauna is a room coated in wood heated by a wood-burning or electric stove and a heap of stones placed on top of the stove that retain heat.

Sitting on the benches inside, you can enjoy the beneficial effects of heat and perspiration.

Turkish bath with Alpine scents

The temperatures in the Turkish bath are lower than those in the sauna and have a higher level of humidity. The muscles relax and there is a gentle effect on the cardiovascular system.

The aromatic Alpine essences help to clear the airways.

Mist shower

This shower has a real beneficial effect on muscles. The feature of this shower is the different intensities at which the water comes out, with a relaxing and soothing effect.

Hot tubs (charged)

A tub with independent water jets. A tub, which has the purpose of relaxing and massaging the muscles to give comfort and relief.

Expert massage (payment)

Therapeutic massages relax the body and are anti-inflammatory. They also reduce stress. Our expert masseuse will know how to restore the body’s elasticity and tone.

For admission to the entire wellness area, you need to make a booking at the reception desk.


A fairy tale holiday!

The warmth of the family, the professionalism of a close-knit team, in a combination of total excellence. A special mention for the legendary Lucio and his spritz, and the polite and ever-smiling female staff.

Highly recommended, I’ll go back next year.

Ugo, from Tripadvisor


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Discover SCOPRI.key

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